About Us

Lulu Chic was established in 2012, as an online boutique offering stylish and exclusive scarves and accessories for women of all ages.
We offer seasonal collections of scarves, handmade pins, jewellery, accessories and clothing for women. Our collections are made with love and care from the initial concept of each look through to product design.

Each Lulu Chic product in our collections is carefully selected for quality and design to ensure we offer the most unique products for our customers, using the finest materials. We also travel far and wide to bring our customers the latest products and designs.

We love using different textiles, such as silk, wool and cotton and our jewellery collection features exclusive cultured pearl and semi-precious stone and gold necklaces.

Thank you so much for visiting our online shop and being part of the Lulu Chic journey!

Stay Unique, Stay Chic.

 Men and Children

‘Huwa for Men’ is a new collection launched in 2013, which offers seasonal scarves for men.

‘LuHoo for Kids’ is a new collection launched in 2013, which offers stylish scarves for children.

Lulu Chic and Huwa are registered trademarks


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